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We are a model in our field and our outstanding core value is care, as we care for the dignity and affordability of healthcare to our patients.

Doctor's Visit

Clinical Consult

  • History and examination with a Consultant Cardiologist

  • Height, weight and BMI calculation

  • Heart rate and blood pressure recordings

  • Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and Clear Diagnostic Plan


  • 12 lead ECG performed by a Clinical Cardiac Physiologist Reviewed and Interpreted by a Consultant Cardiologist

Image by Tim Cooper


  • Full transthoracic echocardiogram performed by Clinical Cardiac Physiologist

  • Interpretation and final report performed by a Consultant Cardiologist

  • Evaluated heart valves, heart chambers, heart pressures and heart function

Pacemaker / Defibrillator / Loop Recorder Check

  • Local Access for Device Checks

  • Performed by Clinical Cardiac Physiologists

  • Rapid Diagnostic Decisions if required

  • Access to Procedures if required

  • Please bring a list of your medications


•Many health insurance plans give guaranteed refunds (50-75%) on Consultants visits with no excess to pay first

• With some insurers, these guaranteed refunds apply immediately on joining even for pre-existing conditions

• If in doubt, call your insurer to see if you have these benefits on your plan

(VHI 056 444 4444 / Irish Life Health 021 4802040 / Laya 021 2022000)

• For any medical expenses that are not fully covered by your health insurance, you may be eligible to claim 20% tax relief on same and you can claim for the last 4 years if necessary

• Between cash back and tax relief the saving can be significant

Common codes

Echocardiogram 5108

Coronary CT Angiogram 6222

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