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IRISH Cardiac Clinic 

With three locations across Ireland specialised cardiac care can be provided closer to home. Consultations are provided by Dr Ben Glover, Consultant Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist with an area of expertise in the management of heart rhythm abnormalities.


Dr Glover is highly trained in this area and has written several textbooks and multiple scientific papers in this field.


All cardiac testing can be performed in each clinic with easy access to more complex investigations and interventions if required 


Healthy Heart Screening

Healthy Heart Screening involves a detailed history, physical examination, family history, lifestyle habitsblood pressure recording, height and weight and ECG.

The screening process can help identify potential heart problems early and allow for appropriate treatment and lifestyle changes to improve heart health.

If any abnormalities show up further tests may be required and will be organised.

Total Cost of a Healthy Heart Screen

To book please call 0494355000 or email

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